F1 Chinese Grand Prix 2017

F1 Chinese Grand Prix 2017

The race weekend in china is officially over and we had an action packed race. Lets start with the Pre-Race Press Conference.


FP1 was delayed because of low level clouds not allowing the helicopter to the hospital if needed. When the session started many drivers spun their cars because of the tricky conditions.

FP2 was cancelled beacause of low level clouds.

FP3 went under-way normally with a ferrari one-two.


Verstappen had mechanical problems and only managed 19th. Giovinazzi crashed on the last corner on the last lap in his Q1 hot lap. Fernando Alonso pushed very hard and managed to finish 13th. Hamilton took the pole position and vettel came in second with a time diference of 0.001 fron Bottas who finished in third place.

The reactions of the drivers after qualifying.

The lap that gave Hamilton the Pole position.


The start of the race was a tricky one with the track still being wet from the rain. All the drivers started with the Intermediate tyres except Sainz who started with the Super Softs. In the first laps we had a Virtual Safety car for the crash of Lance Stroll and then a Safety Car for the crash of Giovinazzi. While under the safety car Bottas lost control of his car and droped down to 12th. Vettel after being stuck behind Riciardo and Raikonen he managed to overtake them both and then chased down Verstappen who he managed to overtake aswell. At the end of the race things have settled down in the first two places but we had a fight between the redbulls for third place. In the end Hamilton won the race, Vettel came in second and Verstappen came in third.

The reactions of the drivers after the race.


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